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Post Info TOPIC: Lithium battery in a s/h caravan.

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Lithium battery in a s/h caravan.

Hi all; I have a good mate of mine that has asked me to install a battery system in his caravan. Battery, charger, current bridge and solar blanket. His caravan is a second hand on and is old enough to have 12 volt car tail light bulbs as well as 240 volt lighting in the same light fitting , so the caravan is a few years old. 

Due to the weight of a couple of 100Ah agm batteries my mate has decided to go down the path of lithium. My mate lives on the main land and i live in tasmania. The problem is that with the new ruling in regards to Lithium batteries and caravans ( new ) what are the rulings for a use and older caravan. All of the rules that i can find sugest that you contact a installer, and i think they are sum what in the dark as well sort of speak. 

My question is and from what i have read of the rules and regulations are that from September ? last year, Lithium batteries had to be mounted in a sealed inclosure and mounted outside and under the caravan as well as being vented to the outside atmosphere. 

My mate already had purchased his battery ( 100 Ah lithium battery ) and a 200 Watt solar blanket from his local Aldi store ( on special this week ) I have already purchased the battery charger for when one is pluged into the mains power and i also have a 500 Ah current bridge ( both are Victron ). There is also a couple of fuse blocks to going as well and a master maxi fuse off the positive terminal of the battery.

The other fly in the ointment is my mate also has a C - Pack machine that he uses at night. This also uses a small ? 12 volt to 240 volt inverter. And the possability of a 40 ltr Engle fridge as well running of the battery. A bit of lighting, ( i will change over the old 12 volt lighting to LED's ) and a 12 volt tv . So i'm also thinking that one 12 Lithium battery may not have enough capacity ?? . 

This is all for free camping with no main power. But there will be the odd caravan parks stays into the mix. 





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The new rules with AS3001 apply to ALL new battery installations, not just lithium, plus solar installation, general wiring and lots of other stuff.
There are too many rules to detail them here (and in any case, they are copyright), so either get someone qualified and with the standard to do it or buy a copy yourself, if you are competent to do the work.
To establish the battery requirement you need to do a proper energy analysis.


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Firstly, Australian Standards are not legislation, they can however be a reference document when referenced by legislation.  In the case of AS/NZ 3001.2:2022 it is not referenced by any legislation.  Therefore, it is your choice on whether you install batteries in accordance with the Australian Standard or not.  The only other thing to check is the insurance PDS to see what is written in that. 

For instance, I have installed LiFePo4 batteries in my caravan but no one has been able to provide a link to the legislation that calls up AS2001.2:2022.

No one has been able to provide name the Authority that enforces the legislation that does not exist.

No one has been able to state what the penalties are for not complying with AS/NZ2001.22022, a link to the non-existent penalties or who enforces those penalties.

From Safework Australia.

Standards are not lawsso there is no general requirement to conform to a Standard. However, conforming to specific Standards is mandatory if there is a law which says you must conform with it.


From Standards Auistralia

Standards and the Law

On their own, standards are voluntary. There is no requirement for the public to comply with standards. However, State and Commonwealth governments often refer to Australian Standards® (AS) or joint Australian/New Zealand Standards (AS/NZS) in their legislation.

When this happens, these standards can become mandatory.

Database of Australian Standards in legislation and case law

You can search for Australian Standards® referenced in legislation and case law via the search tool below. The tool will scan for your search query in the the databases of the Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII). This will allow you to search and access the full text of the legislation and case law. Youll be able to navigate to each instance where the Australian Standard® is referenced.


And finally from a legal website.


Are the Australian Standards legally binding?

Australian Standards are only legally enforceable when they are incorporated by the legislature into legislation. It is very commonplace for standards to be incorporated into the law. Some obvious examples include the placement and availability of fire extinguishers, and the standards surrounding car seat fittings for infants. For more information regarding the mandatory nature of certain standards, you should consult your commercial solicitor.





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