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Post Info TOPIC: Caravan tracker device

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Caravan tracker device

Does anyone use/using a Mobile tracker device in their caravan/car to know if it has been moved without you knowing?
One of those device with a GPS, that send you txt about it movement.
If so which one, and do you recommend it?


SORRY posted to wrong area

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We looked into this ages ago in fact from memory jim (just cruisin) bought a sim from memory online and tried to set up a tracker for if he had his van get stolen but from memory it didnt work, however if you do some googling there is an app you can get that works but im not sure of the name of it i will try to find it as a guy i know has it as his dogs were at home whilst he was at work and he could watch them from his work but im also not sure if it needed a set up like cameras in the home to work it one would think so



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yes, I'm interested in this, one for the car and one for the caravan.

Alarms are useless, no one responds to alarms.

At least you can tell the coppers where to go and pick it up and hopefully with the crims close by.

Interested as well on what people say, hope its good news.




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There are lots on the market mostly from China. All the ones I have seen require connection to a mobile phone network so a sim card is necessary and a monthly bill for each device. If you are like me with 3 cars and a van it can get a bit expensive. The cost of the trackers are not that much in isolation it's the ongoing cost that can end up being the killer. One on a cheap plan would be alright. Bear in mind that you can also buy cheap antitrackers off the net which negates the tracker by jamming the signal of any mobile phone device within range, usually about 20mtrs, so the smart crooks will have one before they nick your vehicle.


Greg O'Brien


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I recently loaded the info below onto a US Forum.
On ebay there are a number of low cost Trackers that do not have an aerial connection and are OK in areas close to Towns/cities, I use a Telstra 365day cover low cost sim in our tracker, another Telstra option is only pay for the 2 week/month cover required.

In Oz we leave our 21'6" Traveller Tandem Caravan in the bush unattended and have an MT600 Plus au GPS Tracker, connected via an RF switch to a 1m mobile phone aerial on top of our Wingard TV aerial. At the time ( maybe 3 years ago) I though that as well as 3G, this unit had the most 4G frequencies available so maybe a bit of future proofing for Oz.

I just set the tracker up in the Geo Fence mode so if the Caravan moves more than 100 yards I get and SMS, thought about getting SMS message sent via the Tracker via a movement detector ( any movement outside the door of the van) but have not done anything about it.

I can switch the aerial to a Mobile phone/ Modem.. laptop/Tablet or the Tracker when in the caravan. Depending upon the location ( and signal strength) the tracker still operates with the aerial flat above the van roof.

I also have a wheel lock on each side of the van, one wheel only ( carried on the 2 spares on the back bumper)and of course the tow ball lock, as well as good insurance cover but which will not cover us for the additional gear, I have added to the van or the price increases that have happened to this model since our purchase, along with the Agreed Value Insurance of the Caravan diminishing over the years.

Up to 3 years ago we went bush with 2 couples with older vans, so if one was going to be stolen, it would probably be ours, mate we now go with has a more modern Traveller Caravan than ours.

Some in Oz use an old Smartphone with a good coverage sim card and if their 4x4/van goes missing just run the App "Find my Phone" on your phone, if in a good mobile phone signal area.

To me the Bush in Oz is quite safe, but there could be exceptions, don't know about the US ( a friend in Oz some years ago had his Landcruiser stolen while detecting, not happy, with his wife waiting in a Caravan Park for his return, Thankfully 5 days later, his vehicle turned up 500Kms away unharmed and out of diesel.

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