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My Hymer in Europe

Had been tossing up between a caravan and motorhome to do northern Australia during the Tasmanian winters, then did a 1 month house sit in France mid 2018. I thought 'sod that, I'll come over here instead!'  Bought a UK registered 2002 Hymer Classic B584 motorhome in early 2019. An Australian bloke that lives in London checked it out for me and I bought it sight unseen (by me anyway). Turned out to be in very good condition and low mileage.

It's an A-class, 5.85 metres long. Easy to fit in a parking space, but still pretty wide (for Europe). Built on the fwd Fiat chassis with a 2.8 litre engine, 3400kg max weight. Air con in the dash. Tremendously roomy inside thanks to the double bed being above the cab (called a drop down bed). Full sized couch (which converts to a King single) and a third travelling (belted) seat. Great bathroom and kitchen in the back. I managed 9.9 litres per 100 km over 8800 km. Mostly max 90 kmph as back then country B roads in France were 80 kmph max (90 now). A great speed for those roads, sight seeing and economy. Lots of arduous and steep driving in the Alps too so I was surprised to get such good fuel economy. I wouldn't claim it's a beautiful vehicle, but you don't look at the mantlepiece while - er sleeping inside.

I only wish I could get one here. I've considered buying a RHD one over there and importing it as you just can't get such a good layout here. Just not sure of how it's done and the costs (I think about A$20,000 all in).


As I first found it. Pretty clean. Just a bit of grot in the crevices. Gas and storage locker on the right.


Drivers door on the left (it's LHD). Front wheel drive (which was never a problem).



Wardrobe on the left. Very comfy drop down bed up in travelling position. Good windows all around. Ok for driving LHD in the UK.



Kitchen on the left rear (of pic), bathroom right rear. Couch is super comfy for slobbing out watching TV.

I even had a guest working via mobile internet at the desk back to her office in the UK while driving through Switzerland!



Cupboard in foreground left. Stove (under glass cover) with fridge under that on the left rear, double sink (under covers) on right. No idea why they put in a double sink. Upper cupboards all around.



Shower is manageable once you get the knack. 120 (or maybe 150) litre water tank. Central water and air heating. Very warm in cold weather.



E-bike on the back (well locked up). Might have gone for an E scooter if they'd been around though may be legal hurdles in some countries. No habitation air con, but good insulation and ventilation.



Bought a TomTom Camper sat nav which you can enter your dimensions in so as not to get led down a garden path you can't get through and this is what you end up with! Yes, I can fit, but God forbid meeting someone coming the other way. Way up in the French Alps.





French Alps driving (not on the motorways). Almost every little wiggle is a hairpin turn. 30-40 kmph stuff.




and you have to drive under this kind of stuff without peeling the side of the van open. Nerve wracking until you realise tourist buses are doing it too.



One of quite a few isolated and beautiful aires (free no frills camp sites) in France. Strictly speaking hanging out washing and even having the awning out is not allowed on these, but there was no-one around. Also it got surprisingly hot so everyone was stretching the rules. France is far, far better than the UK for motorhomes.

I installed a refillable LPG system which can be filled at a standard car LPG pump straight into the side of the van (wish we had this in Australia) instead of having to exchange bottles. 200 watts of solar. The 3way fridge died just in the last week of the 4.5 month trip. Can't be repaired, so I'm going to install a domestic 240 volt one, even more solar, B2B charger and a lithium battery for it when I go back.

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Great, informative story and nice clear pics. ....I enjoyed it all.      Thanks.   

Overseas " Road Trips" (and there are many ways to do it ..)  are not hard and do not need to be expensive - and are always rewarding . One thing you learn is that Australia is not a "cheap" place to travel......




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Interesting post - Costs would most probably be similar to a new Australian built unit but I imagine better quality on OS Model. Depending on shipping costs and allowing another 2 grand for Engineering certification, importing may be worthwhile. If I were doing it though I would opt for a ford or such base with rear wheel drive.


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" be repaired, so I'm going to install a domestic 240 volt one, even more solar, B2B charger and a lithium battery for it when I go back." . . . With "when" being the operative word. Bit of a bugger you being here with a perfectly good motorhome there and no way to get both in the same place. We know the feeling. Few of us discovered your system years ago and the whole world becomes your oyster.



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wfdTamar wrote:



and you have to drive under this kind of stuff without peeling the side of the van open. Nerve wracking until you realise tourist buses are doing it too.

 We have done these roads in France & it is even a bit nerve wracking in a car if you are not accustomed to it, & then there is an oncoming tourist bus.


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Nice write up and pics, good old buses those 544's. 

Have I seen you on  Fun Forum?  Jon Good


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Great story and pix. Thank you.

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