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Post Info TOPIC: Move/stay - what do you do?


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Move/stay - what do you do?

For various reasons I only managed to get out of Melbourne in late May, so basically I moved from cold to cold more than I stopped until I finally reached (warm) Queensland.

Having now stopped for a while, it finally hit me that I don't really know what I'm doing. Am I traveling for the sake of it or am I basically on an extended holiday so staying for extended periods at places that I enjoy?

Preparing for this with zilch experience, I spent so much time trying to guess what equipment I should acquire (and still didn't get it right) that I never stopped to work out what I should do with it.

My aim is to spend at least two, possibly three, years traveling before building a final retirement home. So I'm not in a rush at all. So why am I rushing from place to place?

Can I get some input from those of you who have spent extended periods on the road as to the patterns that you find suit you? Hopefully this will provide the insight I need to finally plan.


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If you have 2 or 3 years then don't plan too much would be my advice. If you like a spot stop there until you get an urge to move on, if you don't really like a place then pack up and head on. You may find a place 30km down the road that appeals as you drive through so stop and check it out, or you may keep driving for several days just stopping overnight until the weather or the place just seems right. Sure do some googling on places that may interest you, talk to others you meet about places they like, but just take it as it comes.


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I spent nearly 10 years full time. Had a break for 9 years and now back to full time travelling for the past 18 mths I have acquired stuff to the point of overfull. There is a system that you place a red sticker on everything amd each time you use it, remove the sticker. Then after a year, get rid of everything that still has a sticker on it

Re travelling

I work out the geographical locations where my interests lie, then set a very rough itinerary.

I'm an ex photographer and used to cover several motorsport events throughout the country incl the V8s, Moto Gp, World Superbikes, speedway, drag racing, and was embedded as media with RAAF at several exercises in the media units I still attend some events that I used to cover The Moto Gp and World Superbikes are held in Phillip Is about 6mths apart.

The international air show is also near Melbourne a couple of weeks after the superbikes. Thats easy to do I'm also into fishing and in particular fly fishing. Some areas have closed seasons so I work around those. About a year ago, I bought a drone and thats another interest


I have set myself several broad goals before I bundy off. 1. Each month, I try to do something that I've never done before. They dont have to be earth shattering goals .

So:- a. I visited the wool museum while in Geelong.

b. I attended The Eagles concert in melb c. While in the Avalon area for the airshow, I stayed at a horse racing trainers facility. They had horses racing in several locations. I went with them to the pre-dawn training to check out the processes involved. They also invited me to attend Mooney Valley as an owner for raceday where they had a runner . I was their official photographer

d. I had never been to an AFL game so I went to the opening round of the afl season. e. I drove to Lake Eyre to view the current floods.

f. I'm going to Hervey Bay to do some whale watching


2. I try to do something different every day. I set up camp and radiate out for a week or two and then move on

3. I try to go somewhere I havent been to for years. I did the run up the Birdsville track recently

I try to do as many touristy things as I can As an example, while in the melb area, I went to the superbikes at PI, then moved to the air show at Avalon, then the F1GP in Melb. I make an effort to never say no to things that are way out of my comfort zone.

I try to seek out things that may just tweek my interest in the slightest way

When travelling, I stay at a location until I feel the need to move on. Some places will just grab you when you drive in. others not so much. I dont think that I've ever been to a location that I didnt like. Some more than others


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That is great advice Mark

I agree with you to do things that are out of your comfort zone - if we don't do it now we will probably never get the chance again!


Marshall - also see the Tourist information centres where you go.  They have so much information 

I am working as I go, currently in Townsville and there is so much to do and see here, I think I can happily stay at least a year

Also talk to people at the local pub, markets and whereever you are staying.  Different things interest different people, so they will all give you different views.

Most of all, enjoy your trip.  Make friends and stay a while when you enjoy a place.



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Hi Just take a few days at a time.If the vibes say ok,stay.Plenty to see around the country.

Myself hoping to drive Grt central road from W.A. next year. May/August .That is the plan at the moment. Hoping to find other people same idea.

Take care on the roads.biggrinbiggrinblankstare .cheers roker.



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Usual disclaimer, although I am married, I sometimes travel solo

To try and answer this part in the snip below
My aim is to spend at least two, possibly three, years traveling before building a final retirement home. So I'm not in a rush at all. So why am I rushing from place to place?

Can I get some input from those of you who have spent extended periods on the road as to the patterns that you find suit you? Hopefully this will provide the insight I need to finally plan.

Unfortunately Marshall, I have never found a pattern which suits everyone

I talked to many other travellers when I first hit the road (part time) travelling, as like everyone else, I wanted to know, how/why they travelled

Some liked to travel long distance and see all the tourist sites
Others liked to go very slowly and smell the roses
Some liked to follow the sun, for the best climate
Others said, it made no difference what the weather was like to them, they just dressed accordingly

I get a lot of enjoyment, just driving along different roads, to see what is there
Basically my only planning is to see where the free/low cost/donation camps are, on the roads I wish to travel

Back in the day when I did my first lap, (solo), I planned it in military fashion, to see this and do that etc

Speaking with other travellers I met in the free camps, my plan went out of the window, as they told me of better places to see
One of the places which was in my master plan, was to go to Tamworth for the Country Music Festival
I would have missed that, if my wife had not sent me an email, the evening before, to remind me that it started the next morning

I am glad that I drove through the night to Tamworth, as I enjoyed myself so much in that town, I have been back (with my wife), on a regular basis

I now find that there are camps I like to stop at, Greens Lake (between Shepperton and Elmore in Victoria) is one of them

I have also met other Grey Nomads forum members, on the road, (all good people), which is good to put a face to a name






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Hi Tony. Spot on.Thats the way to go.Go with the flow.

Have a rough plan ,can be adjusted to suit the situation,Take care ,biggrinbiggrinbiggrin.cheers roker.

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