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The Duck

A duck walks into a bar and goes up to the bartender.


The bartender says, What can I get you?


Duck: Umm. Do you have any grapes?


Bartender (looking surprised and finding the question odd):


No, I'm afraid we don't.


And the duck waddles slowly out of the bar.


The next day at the same time, the duck waddles into the bar, hops up on a bar stool.


Bartender: Hi. What can I get for you?


Duck: Umm. Do you have any grapes?


Bartender (a little annoyed): Hey! Weren't you in here yesterday? Look buddy, we don't have any grapes. OK?


The duck hops off the stool and waddles out the door.


The next day, at the same time, the bartender is cleaning some glasses when he hears a familiar voice.


Duck: Umm.. Do you have any grapes?


The bartender is really ticked off.


Bartender: Look. What's your problem? You came in here yesterday asking for grapes, I TOLD you, WE DON'T HAVE ANY GRAPES! Next time I see your little ducktail waddle in here I'm going to nail those little webbed feet of yours to the floor. GOT me pal?


And the duck hops off the bar stool and waddles out.


The NEXT day at the same time, the duck waddles into the bar, walks up to the bartender and the bartender says,


What the heck do YOU want?


Umm. Do you have any nails?


What!? Of course not.


Oh. Well, do you have any grapes?



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Love it.biggrinbiggrinbiggrinbiggrin


Blues man.

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