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Post Info TOPIC: Gas cyclinder/fire place conversion


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Gas cyclinder/fire place conversion

Hi all,

just a quickie.    Recently saw a gas cyclinder that had the top cutoff and had been
converted into a fireplace/stove/bbq.   Any one got any ideas about making them
with photos and directions etc.     Have already filld the cyclinder with water 4x and
it still smells of the perfume,  is still safe to drill and grind?    Have any members
made them?

Sorry didnt know if the last one posted pse ignore


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Finished mine only last Friday. The hardest part is getting the valve out lucky we have a gas bottle recyclers close by so I gave him mine and he gave me one with the valve out.  If you are taking it out youself then I would suggest cutting the valve protection ring off to get a big spanner onto the valve .

Before cutting make sure you have rinsed and rerinsed the bottle a number of times,  I did mine over a week every day and could still get a faint smell of gas

To get a straight line around I placed masking tape around the cylinder then cut to the tape edge with a thin cutting wheel in a 100mm grinder . Took two wheels to take the top off

Cut a door in the side and fitted hinges and a locking handle to the bit I cut out.  Intend to cut a corner off the bottom of the door to fit a gas burner for those times when you can't light a fire or the thought police are hiding behind every tree out there in the wild.

Drilled a series of 3/8 holes around the bottom  about 10 I think was my count

Built a removable  fire grate in the fire box

Built another removable  grate for the top and hung it on four S/S butchers "S" hooks so it sits inside the fire box and takes my S/S bucket of water for a warm shower

I didn't build a hot plate but a heavy based frying pan for about $10.00 will do the same job. To hold the pan I have two metal bars that fit into slots across the top.

One of the small BBQ plates from an old round BBQ looks like it will do the job nicely if you want a plate.

Welded four gal pipe joiners to the bottom at about 20 degrees and then made four legs to bring it up to a good cooking height the 20 degrees gives it a good splayed footing.

If you have room on the draw bar to mount another gas bottle carrier then your transport problems are solved

Haven't got pics at this stage getting ready to hit the road but will take some when I have time and have it fired up and I'll PM them to you if you like

Hope this is of some help to get your started

Now comes the acid test next time I go native and head into the bush .

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I have had a couple of weeks off on compo so needed something to do. I  made this choofer from an old stainless steel car gas cylinder from a wreckers.

Cost to date about $25 for stainless steel nuts, bolts, welding rods and cake rack.

Ideas taken from choofers, Cobb cooker, Campoven Mate and using a Kelly Kamper Kooker to hold fire/ heatbeads.
Designed to bake, roast, grill, BBQ, smoke, and as Pot Belly stove.
Still to do, put rotisserie on top, and find a suitable gas ring to fit.
At the moment can use heatbeads or wood.  6 heatbeads will bring oven to 220 deg C.
 Its all fun, eh?  Keeps me out of the Boss' hair.


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Iant , thats a nice bit of gear.. My wife wouldnt let me use that in case it got dirty, or smoked black.. Just kidding nice work.. I like it.. Its amazing what one can make from "junk" with a little thought, Should be more of it.. I never buy what I can make..


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When getting ready to cut the top, make sure you cannot smell any gas, otherwise you may not be around to finish your cooker! We've made one and Mrs Pejay calls it 'Cosmos' as it looks a bit like a space ship. Since it's completion we have cooked roasts, damper and beer bread. Ours travels in a milk crate in the boot of our caravan. We found that even if you can't have an open fire, you can still use the heat beads as they are enclosed inside the cooker. Can't stress enought - if you can still smell gas - don't cut!


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Ian that is one noice looking cooker buddy...

Darn I wish I had the skills to build one, knew I should hev aoid more attention in metal work at school, instead of frikken wood work....... bugger might be learning a few new skills in the near future.

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