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a recipe sent to me from a freind

a recipe for bread rolls made in a camp oven

mr's grumpy say's these work every time, I dont know I havent made them

these measures are for 18 rolls done in the Cabellas 20", but the basic ratios I use are as follows,
1 loaf = 3 cups flour = 1 tsp salt = 1tblsp sugar = 1tbsp yeast = 1 1/2 cups liquid.

Bread Rolls (1 ˝ doz)
Yeast mix
     2 tblsp dry yeast
     1 tblsp white sugar
     2 tblsp plain unbleached Flour
     ˝ cup warm water (24 30 degC)
Bread mix
     6 metric cups (4 camp mugs) Plain unbleached Flour or Bread Mix
     2 tsp salt
     2 tblsp white sugar

Yeast starter
Mix Yeast, sugar, flour & water 24 hrs in advance in a large covered container & allow to ferment overnight (keep warm).
Bread (next day)
Place Flour in a large mixing bowl, add salt & fluff mixture up with a fork or whisk,
Create a well in the centre of flour & add sugar in the bottom, pour in the ˝ cup of yeast mix along with enough warm water to make the total liquid to flour ratio of 2 parts flour to 1 part liquid ie, 6 cups flour to 3 cups liquid. (Alternatively the dry yeast can be added at this point)

Mix wet ingredients with just enough flour to create a light batter, then knock down the remaining walls of flour to completely cover liquid, cover with a tea towel & let stand in a warm place for 20Mins until yeast mix starts to foam up through the dry flour on top.

Mix all flour & liquid together in bowl (if the flour to liquid ratio is right it should almost clean the sides of the bowl) then turn it out onto a lightly floured board.
Knead for approximately 12 15 Mins using the heel of your hand & holding the tail end closest to you with the other, dust lightly with flour if it becomes too sticky, the dough should be soft & a little sticky, if the dough feels thick & heavy there is not enough liquid in the mix.
Tip: it is easier to add flour to a wet mix at this stage than it is to add water to a dry one!
It has been kneaded enough when the dough is smooth, silky & springy. 

Dust with flour & return to the mixing bowl, covered in a warm place for ˝ hr until dough doubles in size.

Back to the floured board & knock the dough back & knead lightly for 1 Min, tear it in half & gently work it out into two long sausage like rolls, this should take a bit because the dough should be trying to spring back to its original shape with each roll of your hands!
Cut the dough into 18 equal parts & roll gently into balls, lightly dusting with flour.

Place rolls into a greased tin starting with one in the centre (round tin) & concurrent rings around that, do not overcrowd the tin, they will double in size & need room to the sides to spread out more so than  up, spray with cooking spray to prevent drying out & place in a luke warm Camp Oven set back from the fire for 1 hr until doubled & when poked with a finger the dent slowly pops back only half way.
Cook with enough heat to run a small power station (250 C +) for ˝ hr & turn out to cool upside down, they should sound hollow when tapped on the bottom with your finger,

guess what they are made in a "camp oven", god am I ever going to live this one down

 me, the dragon, & little blue,  never stop playing, live long,  laugh lots, travel far, give a stranger a smile, might just be your next best freind.  try to commit a random act of kindness everyday

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