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Post Info TOPIC: Birds Of Norfolk & Lord Howe Islands


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Birds Of Norfolk & Lord Howe Islands

Another couple of favorite flight destinations that we wont be traveling to in the future.

We visited Norfolk Island three times in the nine years before Covid-19 arrived.

Many species on both islands became extinct after the release of rats from sailing ships.

We did two flight trips every year but due to my wife's asthma & pre-existing immune system condition flying in a confined tin can full of germs is now out of the question.

Still, Australia is a big country & we have our caravan.

Frigatebird 7ft wingspan. (1100x762).jpg

Greater Frigatebird, Norfolk Is. These birds have a 7ft wingspan & steal fish from other seabirds.

Booby flight (1400x972).jpg

Masked Booby, Norfolk Is.


Californian Quail, Norfolk Is. An introduced species.


Cattle Egret, Lord Howe Is. Cattle Egrets spread from Indonesia to Australia.

LH WH (1024x671).jpg

Lord Howe Woodhen, Lord Howe Island. These birds almost became extinct but have now recovered, hence the bands on the legs of wild birds helping to monitor the population. We no longer copyright our images.

Green Parrot     (1400x1019).jpg

Green Parrot, Norfolk Is. Another bird that was on the edge of extinction that has now recovered. Hard to find & hard to photograph in low light jungle.

Booby Family (1100x813).jpg

Masked Booby nesting, these birds breed on Phillip Island off the coast of Norfolk Is. Fine calm weather required to get there.


White Tern feeding chick a squid, Norfolk Is. White Terns inhabit both islands.


Sooty Tern, Norfolk Is. These birds nest on a cliff with almost a vertical drop of 200ft down into the ocean. Never again!

LH KF (1024x653).jpg

Sacred Kingfisher, Lord Howe Is. These birds perch on ocean rocks at low tide looking for crabs.

Tropicbird Red tail feathers (1100x736).jpg

Red-tailed Tropicbird, Norfolk Is. Another bird that inhabits both islands.

Pacific Robin (900x652).jpg

Pacific Robin, Norfolk Is. Endangered species.

Booby portrait (1100x736).jpg

Masked Booby portrait, Phillip Is. off Norfolk Is.

Slender-billed White-eye (1100x736).jpg

Slender-billed White Eye, Norfolk Is.

White Tern (1100x809).jpg

White Tern, Norfolk Is. Such elegant birds.

Nufka (900x602).jpg

Sacred Kingfisher, Norfolk Is. The locals call them Nufka, related, but not the same bird as the Lord Howe variety.

Red Jungle Fowl (1100x761).jpg

Feral Chicken, Norfolk Is. These birds roam freely around the island. Domestic chickens originated in SE Asia from Red Jungle Fowl. The wild birds on Norfolk Is. are beginning to return to their original look

with some very colorful specimens around. They are quite shy of humans.




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Nature, the cathedral of awe.



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Fascinating info and magnificent photography.


Possum; AKA:- Ali El-Aziz Mohamed Gundawiathan

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