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Post Info TOPIC: The dreaded finger update.


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The dreaded finger update.

G'day all. It has been about 20 months since the end of my radiation treatment. All was well and I was going onto 12 monthly checks, but, I started bleeding from where the sun don't shine. More tests ruled out a more nasty cancer and diagnosed a late bleed related to the prostate treatment. Different treatment now means myself becoming more close and personal to my bum than I wish. It is fixable. On the downside my psa levels have risen a pooftence so it is back to 3 monthly checks. Keep up with all your checks.



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Good evening Ballast2.

My thoughts are with you and hopefully you get to the end of your "Bum" journey in the near future.

I had the choice of radiation or surgery, but went for a Prostatectomy; Cancer mass was 70mm cube, but all contained in the Prostate.

So my decision was a good one.

I have mates who chose radiation and others that went down my road; both have there disadvantages and advantages.

We both got to choose, and our bums all sing a different tune. Mine had a couple of bum grapes that popped out and a blocked bowel.

About 6 months of pain time.

However, we are both here and I`m looking forward to sunrise tomorrow. I`m going shopping with my wife; and on Tuesday I pick up my new Tinny; off crabbing on Wednesday.

To all the other GN`s who may read this reply, PLEASE get your PSA levels checked - NOW.

There is life after all of the above and I `m back in the saddle.

Take care Ballast and my thoughts are with you. All the best.

My last PSA reading was 0.00; that's the 9 month check.






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Hi folks ..

I'm glad to hear that there is a still a positive attitude about. Due to an "enlarged" but benign Prostate, I had very regular tests for my PSA status for the last 30 years.

So far, so good and will keep doing so ..

This shouldn't distract from looking after ones general health along the way however.

.. After feeling somewhat lethargic and tired for the last few years and being treated by a local doctor for each concern as it popped up, I one day took myself in to the outpatients/emergency department of the nearest hospital due to a persistent condition.

An appointment was made by the attending locum for me to see a cardiologist in Tamworth 3 weeks away. I drove down from Boomi, attended the appointment and was immediately placed into hospital. A week later and I was transferred to John Hunter Hospital and underwent open heart surgery in December.

Back home now and progressing through recovery ..

This is just a reminder for all .. and especially those that live on their own. Pay attention to your own instincts. Maybe get a second opinion which is what I did, then bite the bullet and follow it up.

Hopefully I haven't hijacked this subject .. and a very good day to all that read this !




   ... still living Life ...


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