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Post Info TOPIC: Great service for both van and car.

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Great service for both van and car.

We have just returned this week from a four month touring holiday, starting in Hervey Bay and going as far south as Snug in Tasmania. 

The van, a Jayco Journey 17.6 poptop, towed beautifully the whole way, it is a docile thing to have behind your tug, nothing fell off or rattled too loose or caused any drama.

Apart from the fridge.

Look, it was red hot when we were travelling through Wagga to Moama, and stayed hot for days, but the fridge should have been performing much better than it was. We took it to a service agent in Wagga who quite frankly just did not want to know anything about it, especially as it was a warranty issue. We rang Thetford, and they recommended Epsom Palms caravan repairs just north of Bendigo. So we rang and they agreed for us to tow the van down and they would have a look.

Upon arrival, they identified the problem immediately (a known issue) and explained that Thetford normally want five days to test the fridge before they will accept the claim. We explained our situation, as in booked on the ferry to Tasmania, so they negotiated on our behalf and Thetford agreed to a one night check and test. We camped in their yard overnight while their little fridge tester did what it does. Yup, some component was broken.

They had a replacement part already in stock for someone else with the same problem, they negotiated with him and he agreed to let us have the part as he was not travelling any time soon. They fitted the part whilst we spent a very hot day in Bendigo. They fixed it, and even though it remained very hot for a few more days (50 degrees would you believe) the fridge did what is was supposed to do. So a big thankyou to Michael and Fletch the fridge guy for your help.

Our Territory performed absolutely brilliantly the whole trip. It towed without complaint in 50 degree heat down to 9 degrees. Nothing broke, fell off, or caused a moments worry.

Except a rear suspension noise.

A strange squeaking groaning sound developed in Tasmania on the final leg there. Then it just magically went away. So, we assumed it was just one of those things and got on the ferry back to the mainland. Drove all the way to just before Eden when, as if by some voodoo evil curse, the noise reappeared. After some debate, we decided not to risk it, and went to local mechanic. He was way too busy to even have a quick look, but recommended the Ford dealer in Bega. So off we went. We arrived unannounced, explained to the service manager our dilemma, and he jumped in the Terry with me and off we went. He heard it to, and we returned to their workshop. He told us to go relax in the waiting area whilst they had a look. The car was put on a hoist (they took another car off it to bung ours on) and he and a young mechanic investigated. After a while, we were beckoned to enter the workshop and a demonstration took place.

Yeah, we were fearing the worst, and were expecting dollar bills to be cheerfully drained from our account. Lots of them.

They hitched a strong strap to the towbar, and the service manager put his foot in it and proceeded to bounce the car up and down. There was the noise as plain as day. He asked us if we had been on any dirt roads lately, and yeah, we had. Both times before the noise appeared it turned out. Then he pointed to a rear suspension cross member, he jumped up and down again whilst the young mechanic got some magic spray out, sprayed the offending mounting, and all gone. No noise. At all. Fixed.

So, this dealer with no notice bumped another car off the hoist, checked over the entire rear end, found the issue, fixed it before our very eyes (and ears), assured us that there was no danger or anything to worry about and sent us on our way.

The charge? Nothing. Zero. Zip. Diddly squat. Nada. Nought.

So, another big shout out to Tarra Ford in Bega. Outstanding customer service, and with honesty and integrity thrown in for free. Quite frankly, they could of told us any old ****amamie story and charged big bucks, but they acted with professionalism and courtesy. 

We will get both those rear mounting points checked at the next service, but we are now home from Eden to Hervey Bay and not a chirp from that rear end. 

Two good stories about great customer service. I thought you should all know where to take your van or car if you have issues and are down that way.




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