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Post Info TOPIC: Travelling with any pet / a cat and a parrot - advise?


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Travelling with any pet / a cat and a parrot - advise?

Hello All!

We have decided to sell up and go. Not right now but within the next couple of years. We have a kitten and a 10 year old parrot that are our little babies. We would really like to take them with us, but are bit lost about whether it makes sense at all or how to do it.

Our kitten is used to walking on the leash as she is an indoor cat. I have thought about 'toilet training' her like a dog, currently she uses the litter box.

Our parrot doesn't fly and is pretty much physically attached to me when I handle him, but I want to get him used to a harness.

We also have to keep the two apart as the kitten would like to have a feathery dinner.

I have a million questions, but as a start is anyone travelling with a cat and / or parrot?

When travelling with a pet how restrictive is it to get around? We want to spend a year or two travelling all parts of Australia, off and on road. We will be camping in a tent.

Thanks heaps for any replies to get me started. I personally believe that we have sufficient time for training & getting used for our pets to live in a different environment, the parrot is used to traveling in the car and I will start taking the kitten with me as well.

Bye for now, Leila



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A direct copy and paste of my replies to Ronjons 4th April

I have a personal opinion that cats should not be taken into the bush, Notwithstanding, I am aware that there are some that adore their feline friends and must have them with themselves.
As long as your Mates, are certified as de-sexed, can accept being harnessed at all times whilst out of your vehicle or caged, you shouldn't have too many obstacles taking them along.
Many caravan parks will not allow your feline pets even though they advertise as pet friendly - so you will need to ring ahead and speak to the proprietor/s (not just a receptionist). National Parks will be definitely off your visit list unless you just walk in to see a particular attraction. I am uncertain of the State Border Regulations concerning cats you will need to check all differing State Regulators. There are also the problems associated with Feline Calicivirus you will need to be aware of also take care in remote areas that your animals don't pick up Baits laid for wild dogs, the areas that baits are laid are Regulated to be adequately signposted but there are many areas that don't have signage.
Enjoy your travels and be aware that there are many out there that will berate you for having Cats on board.


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We've been traveling with our ****atiel for the past 6 years, not a problem.

When we put her outside in her cage we always put it under our awning because she has been ''bombed'' by wild birds occasionally.

Unfortunately we had to have our dog put down a year ago, the two of them were no trouble at all.

You just have to work out a good routine.

Our pets enjoy the experience of new smells & different birdsong. It's a lot more interesting than being stuck in the backyard or lounge room all the time.


Cheers Keith & Judy

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We have a lorikeet. She LOVES to travel. At present, she goes from her smaller cage (daytime, outside) to a modified dog crate (inside/nighttime). She's been with us 4 years, got away once (3 weeks in - I had to climb a banana palm & a fence to rescue her); after that, we clipped her wings 3 times. She now basically can only fly 4 inches above the ground, and no more than 3 feet at a time - wings not clipped, just no muscle tone. Only restriction is we can't take her to WA (pest status).

The cat - neither of us are fans - BUT. We met a couple who travelled with 2, which had started as kittens, and were 6 years old when we met them. Desexed, chipped & tagged. Taken for walks/toilet on leads (we lived 'next door' for 10 months, never saw the cats out without leads). Picked up after like dogs. Kept in (small) dog crates outside if weather permitted.

Actually, I think those cats thought they WERE dogs.

Restrictions: no national parks. But those would apply if you had a dog anyway. And cats are easier to board than dogs. So are birds. You'll be fine, if you do the work early.


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Liela. I am travelling with 2 cats. I have had only 1 refusal from a pet friendly caravan park in 9 months travelling. That was just south of Melbourne. As you have her trained to the leash there should be no worries once she gets used to travelling in the car. We usually keep our driving time to 2 1/2 hours maximum and for that time they usually sleep most of the way.You might be surprised at how many people are travelling with cats. Keeping the cat and the bird apart in a confined environment will probably be your biggest issue.

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