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Post Info TOPIC: for those new to camp oven ownership


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for those new to camp oven ownership

I had this sent to me from a freind who "borrowed" it from another forum.

those about to take the step across to the dark side may find this usefull

Before using a camp oven and to prevent rust it needs to be "seasoned". The first step with a new cast iron camp oven is to peel off any labels and then wash the oven and lid in warm water only, rinse and dry completely. Grease the oven and lid inside and out with a good grade of olive or vegetable oil. Do not use lard or other animal products as they will spoil and turn rancid. Do not use a spray in coating the oven but rather use oil soaked in a paper towel.

Place the oven upside down on an oven rack with the lid separate and place aluminium foil underneath to catch any excess oil. Bake at 300-350 degree oven heat for at least an hour.

You will probably need to repeat the process for the oven to obtain the desired uniform black patina that provides the non-stick qualities and protects your oven from rust.


Avoid at first acidic foods and water which removes the "seasoning" otherwise you will have to re-season the oven. After cooking remove the lid and do not use the oven as a food storage vessel.

In cleaning the oven NEVER use detergents, they will enter the pores of the oven and you will forever have the lingering taste of soap. Never use a hard wire brush unless you intend to re-season the oven. Simply scrape out the remaining food and clean the oven with hot water and a natural fibre brush and allow to completely dry.

To store your oven, lightly oil all surfaces, place a piece of paper towel inside and store in a dry place with the lid ajar. The seasoning will improve with each use. It's a good idea to make a bag or a box to transport your oven. NEVER pour cold water into a hot oven as it may crack.


There are a few essential tools for cast iron camp ovens. The first is a long strong hook to lift the lid of your camp oven to check on cooking progress and to remove the oven from the coals. You can make your own from thick wire or you may find one in a good camp store. They are usually sold as tent peg pullers, are 60 - 70cm long and come with a wooden handle.

You will also need long handled tongs, a pot scraper (a spatula or putty knife), oven mitt or heavy pot holder, a small whisk broom (not nylon) to remove the ashes from the lid, paper towels and oil.

Cooking with coals from the camp fire is fine but it will take a bit of practice to get enough coals in the right place to avoid burning and to cook the meal to perfection. A great alternative to camp fire coals is heat beads,They are easier to control, hold their heat longer and you can use them to practice the art of cast iron camp oven cooking at home.

I have had numerous emails sent to me with a resounding number extolling the virtues of the "horrid" camp oven, I am yet to be convinced but in the interests of a controlable inbox I reluctantly  promise to take the camp oven out with me on our next bush trip and try it again,


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