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Post Info TOPIC: Our 2017 trip to Exmouth WA tow our 6mte boat PART 4


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Our 2017 trip to Exmouth WA tow our 6mte boat PART 4

We arrived on time after stopping in Exmouth for a 24 x 600ml pack of water and a few extra's from IGA.

Lets plug the Chess freezer and fridge in first to get them cold. No power onconfuseconfuseconfuse They were still working on our grid row, as all the parks power had to be placed under ground due to new rules. Not happy Jan.nonono the temp in the shade was a warm 38deg.Lambie secured a bag of ice to chill the 24 pack of water.

We had a new plan to raise the yardie Novotel tent this time. I had layed the frame out back home and taken some mud map photo's to get it up first go this time with no hassles.

I had brought 2 boxes of 200mm coach bolts with washers to go under each. We needed a drink as it was Bloody hot. We had cold beer and a few wine coolers, that will do and down the hatch, went the first.

We layed out the ground shade cloth first and secured same with the Roybi rattle gun.smilesmilesmile

We lay out the canvas and lay out the tent poles. Stop I need a drink, so we dive back into the Engle for round two. I'm sure the Temp is now 43deg in the sun.

On command the wind starts to blow as it always does. Great, with all windows open, we the two of us, lift the far side and up she comes like a giant para shoot. Hold it lambie hold it, while I get the oppersite side standing. This tent is so big, its Bloody hard work. With 36kg of poles in place, I work like a dog to secure the corners with the bolts with the rattle gun.

Again we go for the engle. Three beers in the first hour.crycrycry I can't keep this up. Break out the water.

With the tent standing on its own, we go for the water and two chairs under the shade of the tree (1).We are buggered.

Time to add the kitchen canvas. Another break, more water. The salt sweat in my eyes is burning, I hold the water bottle to my eye sockets and flush them both.

Now we need to unload the boat of all the kitchen gear, living area and bedroom(the Euro air Beds.) We are here for ten weeks and need our folding tables x 4. One for the living area, 2 for the Kitchen and one for cooking on out front of the tent. We unload 2x gas bottles, clothes, M/W, food All the AC and power cords lighting. By now we are missing our van real bad like.

All this just to go fishing on the other side of the country. Yes it will be worth it.?crycrycry  Yes, Cause we have done it for the fifth time. (only thing is we are not getting any younger. We blow the air beds up, one on top of the otherbiggrinbiggrinbiggrinbiggrinbiggrin to save our hips getting out of bed each day was the idea.(more about the air beds later.)

(nonono) 5pm the power is on, and we have set up basically. A quicky dinner a hot shower and fall, bounce, call it what you want. We have the only jumping castle in the Gas Coin coast.biggrinbiggrinbiggrin.

To be continued........................ 


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biggrinI shouldn't laugh... been there, done that. I take it you acclimatised before long. Might be worth trying the Lighthouse Cara Park next time. It has the big advantage of allowing relatively convenient access to ramps both ways, Tanta and Bundegi, depending on weather. Lot closer to town too. I've heard some criticisms of it occasionally, but we've had no complaints. Fuel's cheaper there.. well, by Exmouth standards. aww

We've made up our minds. We'll be taking a chalet up there in future if we go. Can't take the caravan anyway, boat has to go with us. We've rented a house and a chalet on previous Exmouth trips. Way to go. Just a matter of saving up all the shekels to pay for ithmm

By the way, nice looking rig you pictured in the last edition.





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Did u go on the jumping castlesmile



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life in a caravan is so much easier biggrin


Pay it forward - what goes around comes around

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We were up there about the same time and it was unusually hot - I'm sure it hit about 45 the day we went to Yardie Creek

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