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Post Info TOPIC: Social Isolation - AKA Loneliness.


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Social Isolation - AKA Loneliness.

When we go the Solo Grey Nomad thing we have Geography at our command. We see and marvel at the magnificence of Nature. We read all those books and plays we never had time for when W*** once got in the way.

Perhaps it is true that when we have been alone for some time and then we interact with other humans, we feel relived. As a budgerigar might feel when glimpsing the flock. Apparently mixing with other human releases Oxytocin and makes you feel a whole lot less anxious. It's an endocrine thing. 

When you have been "on your tod" for some time you find yourself engaging in conversation that become more and more person al and more an more passionate. 

You keep saying ... "Oh gosh I have been boring you intolerably ..been lovely chatting gonna get out of your way now ... but somehow an hour later you are still in conversation with someone who is desperately lonely and quite deranged. Not in a horrible way but one where human interaction by way of conversation gets that endocrine going... that Oxytocin  "

It is a paradox, why would you feel like you had enjoyed companionship relief on a reptile brain level just by interacting with humans you might not like.

Not as if you are missing out on intellectual stimulation ... plenty books ..lectures ..movies and everything.

I am a loner .. always have been. But with the lifestyle we enjoy we do converse with our fellow GNs.

I cannot help but wonder how this life style would be working out for me if I were the sort of person who was in constant need of human interaction.


Just throwing some ideas out...


Kindest regards






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Part of this equation is "security" which is a legitimate concern. Solo GNs ****ting thier daks unless they tie down in some caravan park. Then winge about how the mangement have let the Dunnys go all to Hell. And the ever present Clan of the Brown Butterfly...

I  find myself at a loss after initiating this poke.

If it isn't blindly bleedingly obvious to you as you scope out your environment. If you see something that registers as "sktechy" what to do next?





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booooboooo indeed ! UUnf ...



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Your post seems confused and it's hard to understand its central
point but I think I get the general idea so I'll play:

We are a pack animal and have a need for connection with others, this
is why extended solitary confinement is prohibited under international
agreements and consider torture.

How much, and what type of, contact we need is an individual choice.
I have a friend who was concerned when his car radio failed because
he "would have lots of thinking time". I consider he has a problem
and would benefit from six months of weekly visits to a decent

It seems to me that by the time we reach the age of most on this
forum we should be comfortable with our own company and happy to
spend, at least, a few weeks alone (or with partner only), books,
radio, hobbies and simply fire gazing and thinking.

Currently I am living alone in the forest in NW Victoria, just me and
my caravan on the bank of the Murray river, mostly I see no one but
occasionally (once a month?) a local drives this way and we may have
a chat. Once per 10 days I go into the local town and exchange a few
words with the girl on the supermarket checkout. I'm comfortable with
that. I did it for 11 weeks during the previous lockdown in March and
have been here for five weeks currently and have no issues.

Now the caveat: much of my need for human interaction is met via
electronic communications; I have marginal mobile phone service here
but enough for phone calls, email and a tiny bit of net surfing and
that keeps me in comms with a lot of people. However what is also
really important to me is Amateur Radio; I have an Advanced licence
and regularly chat with people (old friends and new) across Australia
and the world, this I find most stimulating and it is fascinating the
diversity of people one meets across AR. I commend it to all nomads.

The above is a far cry from when I worked in the deserts of the
Middle East some years past; the only comms was letter via the weekly
aircraft. A letter to the UK took three weeks in both directions so;
"Hi how are you doing?" - "Fine thanks" was a six week exchange :)



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I think being a solo traveler you choose how much interaction you want by where you camp.                                                                  Out the river l camp in a secluded area so have limited interaction with others. In the mountains its the same.  

During summer l like to stay at a popular lake where lots of nomads and locals camp. I choose to attend happy hour and other activities.

I don't find that being a solo traveler inhibits social interaction because the choice is there to mingle or not depending on where you camp.



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Mick i agree i live up in qld and im new here well sort of ive moved here last april and i pick my
Times of when i wish to socialise as i also get anxiety not realy bad but more a case of i wish to be alone.
There seems to be something wonderful to me of being solo you can pick and choose where and when you wish to go somewhere or mingle with others.
Yes i get lonely at times but that can be fixed by coffee with a neighbour or a trip to bundaberg shops and thats my fix ,people come stay with me i love there visits but when they leave gees its nice to have my home back
Have a great day everybody



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